Cereal Killer Interview


Who are you & why did you start Cereal Killer?

We are Alan and Gary Keery, identical twins from Belfast, we started the cafe after realising that Cereal is eaten by millions of people everyday, but only ever at home. Theres alot of people that love cereal, and now theres somewhere to go to celebrate that.


Who are your customers, similar people or diverse groups?

We get people from all walks of live, kids, families, tourists, locals, because everyone loves cereal.


What makes you unique?

Apart from the cereal obviously! We focus on the customer experience, people always say that coming to the cafe is like a trip back to childhood, and its hard to leave without a smile on your face.


Why do you think you’re so controversial?

Some people see us selling coco pops for a fiver, and thats not true, we sell imported cereals from around the world, we sell everything from cornflakes to luckycharms, we carry something for everyone.


Why Shoreditch?

Weve lived in London for 4 years, and always loved the creative vibe in shoreditch, so it fitted us perfectly.


What are you most proud of?

Were proud to say, that despite numerous set backs and bad publicity, we are still going strong and have created something that people love. 


Who should come and give Cereal Killer a try and why?

The cafe is for anyone and everyone, its an experience that wont be forgotten, whether you hate it or love it, itll be worth the trip.


Has shoreditch changed much in the short time Cereal Killer has been here?

We havent seen a huge change, but the community around here is great, everyone really supports eachother.


What are the best things about being in this area?

The people, its filled with so many different people who live and visit here, and thats what makes it what it is today.


…and the worst?

Having to choose between the 2 bagel shops.