Who are you & why did you start Kahaila?

I'm Christine, I manage Kahaila cafe. We started Kahaila as a church and developed into a non profit cafe. We invest all our profit to 3 projects part of the Kahaila Women projects. They are:

Reflex: Working with women in prisons to equip with skills, character and confidence to realise their full potential. 

Luminary: Uses baking as a tool to equip women with practical and transferable skills for the working world.

Ella's Home: provides safe accommodation for women who have experienced trafficking and/or sexual exploitation.


What does Kahaila mean?

Ka-hi-la, is a mix of 2 hebrew words meaning life and community. 


What is your ethos?

We are a cafe with a conscience, wanting to build community, provide for the local area in anyway we can. While providing the best products we can find. 


Who are your customers, similar people or diverse groups?

We have diverse customers, from officer workers, regular locals who work or live near by and people who use us as an office and tourists. 


What makes you unique?

We are a non profit cafe, working toward better community in London, working with who we can and always looking for opportunities to develop our charity work. 


Why Shoreditch?

It is busy, exciting, great bunch of people. 


What are you most proud of?

Our cakes!!! The work we have managed to do in the short 3 years we have been open. 


Who should come and give Kahaila a try and why?

Great atmosphere, lovely community feel, amazing cakes and great coffee from Climpson and Sons. 


How long have you been here and what changes have you seen?

3 and half years, we have seen the coffee scene grow, people come and go and a sense of change coming to the Brick lane area. 


What are the best things about being in this area?

The diversity. The people. 


Name 3 other local Shoreditch businesses you’d like to give a shout out to and why?

Craft coffee - Amazing coffee and great people. 

Clock and Dagger - regular customers, great artist and really friendly. 

Roket clothes - Lovely clothes and people.