TLT House Edition •17• with Mauro Ferno & Mestivan

Mauro Ferno & Mestivan (Sub Terrania)

We are back to our favorite spot in the heart of Shoreditch! This time we have invited two familiar faces of the London underground scene and minds behind Sub Terrania.

TLT is happy to present Mauro Ferno & Mestivan!

It’s not often that you can witness perfectly synced harmony on a dance floor. In the middle of hustle and buzzle of a full club - where partying is in full swing - where the mood is borderline on hysteria, and the emotion of happiness is a colorful explosion spread across the room, but that’s exactly where you will find a perfectly balanced DJ set if Mauro Ferno & Mestivan is on the decks; a perfectly balanced Dj duo with a perfect musical connection. For Mauro Ferno and Mestivan, they strive on the crazy atmosphere in a club, and they deliver even better the later it is, the crazier it is.
Playing together since 2009, both Mauro Ferno and Mestivan are influenced by pure old school house music and Detroit techno. Today their music still holds strong influence of these sounds, and they manage to bring all that rhythms together to their versatile sets. The duo always display deep music knowledge, experimenting with different styles and showing of their expertise in the mix, this is what makes their sets a music journey, an exploration of melodies and a unique adventure for those on the dance floor.
They both like long and thoughtful mixes, being known for starting and finishing the party, and the after- after party at their own promoted event Sub Terrania in London, they pick notes from one track leading through to the other, mixing them together to create a new, uncontainable flow of sounds, with only one intention; to take the public into an odyssey between melodies and styles, but all in perfect harmony.

Event Info / Tickets

Sun 4 Aug 2019

19:00 to 23:00




020 3319 9640

Shoreditch Platform, 1 Kingsland Rd, London, E2 8AA