Turnedon - The Beginning

Emma Knight
Samuel Stallard
Miss Kiff
James Damian

Are you ready to be TurnedON?
Welcome to the next stage in the Evolution of House Music.
Open your mind let the positivity flow, there is no denying the
uplifting energy our creator will bring.
Let the music turn you on.
It’s time for a new concept that will bring a new idea to venues across the nation,
Where no two events will be the same.
Presenting the best and newest most funky, deep, uplifting house and tech house releases.
We invite you to join the family and immerse yourselves in our exciting adventure.
Book your place and be a part of the most exciting party experience.
See you on the dance floor.

Event Info / Tickets

Fri 29 Nov 2019

22:00 to 04:00



Basing House, 25 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA